Cobbles & Pebbles

A totally natural way to transform a garden or pond is with Cobbles & Pebbles to give a riverbed, beach or cobbled look to any area. Compliment with gravels & aggregates and a few boulders or rocks for the ultimate garden. Gardeners can also use these pebbles and cobbles as mulches. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the Summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation.
Polar White Pebbles

Bulk bags £165.00
Poly bags from £3.98

20-40mm white marble pebbles from Spain.
Pea Pebble

Bulk bags £100.00
Poly bags from £2.50

20-40mm pebbles in browns, white and black.
Scottish Pebbles

Bulk bags £122.00
Poly bags from £2.96

20-40mm. Smaller version of Scottish Cobbles. Mix of natural colours.
Scottish Cobbles

Bulk bags £130.00
Poly bags from £3.14

40-80mm rounded grey, pink and brown cobbles from North Scotland.
Beach Cobbles

Bulk bags £120.00
Poly bags from £3.00

40-80mm inexpensive range of cobblestones. Darker in colour and not as rounded.
Mediterranean Cobbles

£300.00 / full crate
20kg bags £9.99

Assorted Turkish cobbles in a wide range of colours. Very unusual and attractive cobbles.
Welsh Cobbles

£138.00 half crate | £165.00 full crate
Larger sized hand picked Welsh Cobbles in a wire basket. Ideal for setting in mortar or as a feature in streams or around ponds.
Welsh Quartz Boulders 200-400mm

£138.00 half crate | £165.00 full crate
Individual lumps £9.50

200-400mm boulders of assorted sizes in a basket. Generally small football sizes. Perfect as features around water streams or on rockeries.
Welsh Quartz Boulders 300-600mm

£99.50 6 per pallet
300-600mm boulders of assorted sizes. Perfect as features for ponds, waterfalls, rockeries or as stand alone pieces.